Free Software for Windows

This site was created to help the user find free software for his needs. Read the description, learn the system requirements and read the review on the program you need.
Yandex Browser Yandex Browser
Yandex browser - from the title it is clear that this browser is the creation of Yandex. Yandex browser was released in 2012 and in a short time caught up with the popularity of Google Chrome and Mozilla in the Russian segment.
Opera Opera
The Opera browser has never been one of the top three in the world ranking. Moreover, in the US market, it does not enter even the top five.
UC Browser UC Browser
UC Browser for the computer. This browser first appeared as a mobile browser. To users it was filled with a logo on which the squirrel is represented. It so happened that the name of UC Browser was not remembered by everyone, but everyone remembered the squirrel on the logo.
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox has appeared so long ago that it may seem that it always existed. Let's see why users download Mozilla Firefox? This browser is liked by users in the first place, due to the wide possibilities in settings and add-ons.
Safari Safari
Browser Safari for Windows. It is a legendary browser developed by Apple specifically for computers under MacOS. At a certain time, Apple made a similar browser for Windows.
Vivaldi Vivaldi
The free browser Vivaldi looks similar to Opera. And this is not strange, because they have "one parent." In 2015, the Opera development team separated and began work on its own browser.
AVG Free Antivirus AVG Free Antivirus
AVG Antivirus Free is a free antivirus software made by the Czech company AVG Technologies. Free AVG antivirus has a very impressive functionality. As for the overall feedbacks from users, the free AVG antivirus keeps in the top five rank.
Avira Free Antivirus Avira Free Antivirus
Free anti-virus Avira is a product of German developers, the "younger brother" of the paid version of Avira, which has proved itself in the world market. It is characterized by high reliability and smooth operation.
360 Total Essential 360 Total Essential
360 Total Essential - free antivirus, developed by the Chinese company Qihoo 360 Software. It is famous for the fact that in the free version it contains "under the hood" engines of two antivirus programs: Bitdefender and Avira.
Panda Free Antivirus Panda Free Antivirus
Antivirus Panda Free is a free antivirus for computers running the Windows operating system. This is a "cloud" antivirus. This means that it uses an anti-virus database that is located on remote servers and is updated regularly in real time.
Bitdefender Free Antivirus Bitdefender Free Antivirus
Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is a free antivirus solution from the Romanian development team. The latest version of BitDefender is pleased users with an updated interface and the implementation of new protection technologies, even in the free version.
Comodo Internet Security Comodo Internet Security
Comodo Internet Security is a free antivirus for computers and laptops running the Windows operating system. It was developed by American specialists, it and completely translated into many languages.
Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft Security Essentials is a free Windows defender from Microsoft developers. This antivirus was created to close the need of Windows users in a free antivirus. The focus in Microsoft Security Essentials is on the integration and optimization of work in the Windows environment.
Skype Skype
Skype for Windows is a free instant messenger developed by Microsoft. Skype is known for being popular even before the advent of mobile instant messengers.
Whatsapp Whatsapp
Whatsapp for Windows is a free instant messenger that shares first place with Facebook messenger. In different countries, primacy goes to one messenger, then another. But Whatsapp does not fall below second place.
Viber Viber
Viber for Windows is a desktop client of Viber messenger, which is popular in the Russian-language Internet. Viber messenger is one of the three leaders in the CIS countries.
Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus
Avast Free Antivirus is a free software for Windows computers from the world famous anti-virus developer Avast. This is one of the best products on the antivirus market.
Google Chrome Google Chrome
The Google Chrome browser confidently occupies the top line of the rating of browsers for computers with the operating system Windows. Despite the fact that Google Chrome appeared much later than its main competitors, users like it.
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
The free Internet Explorer browser is already installed by default on Windows operating systems in all versions except 10. This browser is developed by Microsoft and allows you to use the Internet right after installing the browser on a personal computer.
Kaspersky Free Antivirus Kaspersky Free Antivirus
Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the most recognizable and the most popular antivirus in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. It has high positions in the world rankings and gets various awards for the high degree of protection of users against modern threats.
Dr.Web Dr.Web
Dr.Web CureIt! - free emergency antivirus from the well-known anti-virus developer Dr.Web. This free antivirus can be called a utility for eliminating viruses rather than an ordinary “on-duty” antivirus.

Where to download the program?

Today, the majority of Internet users use laptops or computers with the Windows operating system. Someone is using the good old "seven", and someone has already installed the latest version of the "10". All these users are united by the fact that to use the computer to the fullest, you need to download software for Windows. On the part of the user, all programs can be divided into two categories: professional, narrowly focused and must-have programs for every day, without which a modern computer cannot be imagined. In terms of cost, the programs can be divided into two categories: completely free or free for home use and paid programs for Windows. For paid programs include free trial. Here you will find software description, advantages and disadvantages, recommendations, system requirements, as well as instructions on how to download. Remember, for your safety to download the software for Windows is strongly recommended exclusively on the official website of the manufacturer. And when it comes to free software, there should be no exceptions. So you protect your computer and personal data from possible troubles that may come from programs downloaded from unofficial sources.