UC Browser

UC Browser for the computer. This browser first appeared as a mobile browser. To users it was filled with a logo on which the squirrel is represented. It so happened that the name of UC Browser was not remembered by everyone, but everyone remembered the squirrel on the logo.
Paradoxically, this browser is more often called the "Squirrel browser". And when users write in the search engine "Download Squirrel Browser" - they mean download UC Browser. UC Browser for Windows is from China, appeared on public access in 2015 and quickly found admirers among Internet users who likes unusual software.

UC Browser system requirements

System requirements are the system parameters for stable and correct operation of the software recommended by the developer. This include both the necessary hardware configuration (CPU, RAM, Memory) and the requirements for the operating system installed on the computer. If you are not sure whether your computer meets the requirements of the program, it’s easiest to download the file and try to run it. Usually developers try to make programs that runs on most computers.

Operation system Windows XP or higher
Developer ucweb.com/desktop/
Hard disk space 400 MB
RAM 512 MB
CPU 2 GHz or higher
Language English
License Free

How to download UC Browser?

Download the latest version of UC Browser is recommended only from the official site. Programs not downloaded from official sites do not guarantee stable operation and availability of updates. The manufacturer is responsible for the security of the program downloaded from the official site only.

Interface UC Browser

This is how UC Browser looks like.

Description of UC Browser

The popularity of this browser is not surprising, because the latest version of UC Browser for a computer works stably and almost does not cause censures. Chinese developments often surprise with a non-standard approach. This is true for the "Squirrel browser" - it is made by using two engines at once: webkit and trident. This means that it combines the advantages of two of the most popular browsers in the world: high level of protection from IE and high speed of work from Chromium. Users love UC Browser with a squirrel on the logo for quick work even with slow Internet. This is achieved by compressing the contents of the pages on the own server.The pages of the user's computer are downloaded in a compressed form, which saves traffic and reduces the time to wait for the page to load.Since the latest version of UC browser is implemented optimizing the loading of large images with a preview. A nice feature of the browser - you can continue to download even after closing the browser window. Just start downloading the file, close the browser and the file will still be downloaded to your computer. The free browser UC Browser is half "Chrome", that is in it work extensions from the Google Chrome store, and the browser has its own store of extensions. Note that the "Squirrel browser" will try to "grab a monopoly" - it will be installed by the browser on your PC by default. So do not be surprised when after downloading the UC Browser on Windows, all links will open in a new browser. It's easy to change, just open another browser and make it the default in the settings. And for sure the main advantage of UC Browser is that it is not demanding on hardware. That is, it works fine on older computers. Even 512 MB of RAM is enough for its operation, which is simply inconceivable compared to gluttonous modern browsers.

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