Free Messengers for Windows

Here you will find the most popular free Windows programs from the Messengers category. To learn more and read the review, click on the logo or the name of the program.
Skype for Windows is a free instant messenger developed by Microsoft. Skype is known for being popular even before the advent of mobile instant messengers.
Whatsapp for Windows is a free instant messenger that shares first place with Facebook messenger. In different countries, primacy goes to one messenger, then another. But Whatsapp does not fall below second place.
Viber for Windows is a desktop client of Viber messenger, which is popular in the Russian-language Internet. Viber messenger is one of the three leaders in the CIS countries.
In our age of high-speed mobile Internet, the basic capabilities of the phone, namely calls and sending messages, have become, if not in the background, then have become not so important. Researches show that over the past 5 years, the duration of calls and the number of sent messages has dropped significantly. This does not mean that users began to call less and write messages. Just now, communication takes place in special programs - instant messengers. Popular messengers are obliged to high speed Internet and high rates for calls and SMS. Due to the high popularity of mobile applications for communication, messengers for computers opened a "second wind". Everyone knows that software for messaging and calls appeared on the PC earlier than on the phones. But today, in a multi-platform era, when a single user has several screens, Windows messengers are used not only for communication between computers, but also more often for communication between a computer and a mobile phone. The situation with messengers is interesting because it is not the user who chooses the messenger according to his preferences, but the user has to use the messenger his environment uses. After all, what's the use of using even the most convenient messenger for Windows, if there are no friends in it? Researches show that there is no absolute monopoly on the market for sending messages, almost everyone has two or more messengers installed on the computer. This is due to the fact that to communicate with different people, users prefer to use different browsers. For example, Skype for work and Telegram for communication with friends, or Viber for friends and for weekly video calls with elderly parents who live in another city, use an old laptop and do not know how to install other programs. Or another example, to communicate with most friends from Russia, the user uses Viber for PC, and to keep in touch with friends from Europe, he installed Whatsapp on a computer, since in Germany almost no one uses Viber. We offer to get acquainted with the most popular programs for Windows for messaging and calls.