Free Browsers for Windows

Here you will find the most popular free Windows programs from the Browsers category. To learn more and read the review, click on the logo or the name of the program.
Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer
The free Internet Explorer browser is already installed by default on Windows operating systems in all versions except 10. This browser is developed by Microsoft and allows you to use the Internet right after installing the browser on a personal computer.
Google ChromeGoogle Chrome
The Google Chrome browser confidently occupies the top line of the rating of browsers for computers with the operating system Windows. Despite the fact that Google Chrome appeared much later than its main competitors, users like it.
Yandex BrowserYandex Browser
Yandex browser - from the title it is clear that this browser is the creation of Yandex. Yandex browser was released in 2012 and in a short time caught up with the popularity of Google Chrome and Mozilla in the Russian segment.
The Opera browser has never been one of the top three in the world ranking. Moreover, in the US market, it does not enter even the top five.
UC BrowserUC Browser
UC Browser for the computer. This browser first appeared as a mobile browser. To users it was filled with a logo on which the squirrel is represented. It so happened that the name of UC Browser was not remembered by everyone, but everyone remembered the squirrel on the logo.
Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox has appeared so long ago that it may seem that it always existed. Let's see why users download Mozilla Firefox? This browser is liked by users in the first place, due to the wide possibilities in settings and add-ons.
Browser Safari for Windows. It is a legendary browser developed by Apple specifically for computers under MacOS. At a certain time, Apple made a similar browser for Windows.
The free browser Vivaldi looks similar to Opera. And this is not strange, because they have "one parent." In 2015, the Opera development team separated and began work on its own browser.
Without which you can not imagine a modern computer or laptop? Of course, without the Internet. And for the Internet you need a browser. After installing the Windows operating system, all computers already have a built-in browser, Internet Explorer or Edge (for Windows 10). But due to a number of flaws in the standard browser, most Internet users download a browser for Windows from third-party developers. Most popular browsers for Windows: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. These free browsers and extensions for them turn browsers into finely sharpened tools for the user's needs. Here and convenient content preservation, and synchronization with social networks, and VPN, and tools for designers, marketers, programmers. Today most large sites have their own extensions to simplify user experience. Thanks to a variety of configurations, the user chooses how his browser will not only look, but also work. You can set up a minimalistic and fast browser of web pages, or you can add a lot of additional widgets and extensions and get a little slow, but uber-functional tool. On this site you will find the most popular free browsers for Windows. For each browser there is a description, the advantages and disadvantages are emphasized, due to which it is easier to decide which browser is better to download. People whose work is connected to the Internet or who have several accounts in one service often use several browsers. Of course, everyone has their own primary "favorite", and the second browser is used as a working or auxiliary.